Cranberry Pointe was incorporated as a 328 planned unit development (PUD) townhome community in 1973.  It is located in southern Hopkins, Minnesota.  Cranberry Pointe is situated on 23 acres surrounded by stately matured trees, wooded areas, and prairie like fields.  An outdoor heated swimming & wading pool with an adjacent play area is the hub of activity during the summer season. 

The 328 units are evenly split between two and three bedroom two story homes of which many have basements, attached garages and fireplaces.  All units were built with one full and two half bathrooms.  All, but eighteen of the homes, have double car garages, in addition to the driveway in front of the garage for available parking stalls.  The Association has a limited number number of "guest" stalls which are used for piling snow during the winter months.  

A $6,000,000 exterior renovation was done between 1997 and 1999 to update the community and each year additional improvements continue to add to the value of our townhomes. One simple example is a long term landscaping plan where each year a sizable amount is spent to improve our landscaping.  This improvement includes the maintenance of the mature trees, keeping them away from the shingled rooflines, the chimney stacks and the rubber membrane garage roof structures.  The Architectural & Grounds Committee is committed to installing a minimum of ten trees each year, of various species, in order to fill in the landscaped grounds for decades to come upon the removal of trees which have lived past their prime. 

One of the top advantages of Cranberry Pointe is an on-site office fully staffed including a three member Maintenance Team available Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 3:30 pm for the convenience of the members.  There is also, around the clock emergency on-call maintenance available to deal with water leaks and such.

Cranberry Pointe employs a professional General Manager to aid the Board in the day to day operations of the community, along with an Executive Assistant.  Otherwise, Cranberry Pointe is basically self-managed by a Board consisting of seven directors.  The Board of Directors is reinforced by several committees that aid in activities such as the Architectural & Grounds needs and Rules enforcement, and Financial reviews & Investments.  The Board is looking into additional committees to assist with the large complex, members are encouraged to join and assist in the decision making process.   

Minnesota Crime Free Multi Housing Program is a program that is strongly subscribed to by Cranberry Pointe.  The staff has gone through special training, and the units have met special architectural requirements, while the common area landscaping has been addressed to comply with all safety criterias.   CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) has us keep trees lifted up and limit the size which shrubs are allowed to grow, in order to keep passage on the grounds safe without areas for people to hide and surprise others.

Cranberry Pointe complies with all Federal, State, and Local Fair Housing Laws.   The Board and all staff members are required to acquire training for Fair Housing through the Minnesota Multi Housing Association or similar organizations like CAI-MN (Minnesota Chapter of Community Associations Institute. 

Mission Statement - Cranberry Pointe is a community of homeowners who are legally bound by governing documents that commit them to: 1. common finances, 2. common maintenance, and 3. developing and nurturing a community.  We were developed under and chose to become affiliated with the following MN Statutes:  317A, 515B and most recently MCIOA (Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act).  These three are accessible to assist in the Declaraion and other Governing Documents to protect the best interests of the Association, as well as the individual homeowners.

Please feel free to contact the Association office (952) 936-9692 or e-mail our Executive Assistant at bj.weckman@cranberrypointe.com or our General Manager at mona.lewis@cranberrypointe.com for additional information, or to answer any of your questions.  It is recommended to send an email to both, to be sure your request for information is not missed if one of them is out of the office that day.